Find The Latest NFT Drops Here

Find The Latest NFT Drops Here

Hundreds of NFT projects are launching daily from all corners of the world and on a variety of different blockchains and marketplaces. It may become tricky to stay on top of them and to know when they’re launching, the chain is used, price, utility, etc.

No one has the time to go and scour through OpenSea, LooksRare, Solanart and co. to find the hottest new projects. Apart from features on popular platforms, we’ve put a list of 10 platforms and methods you can follow if you’re interested in staying in the know re the latest NFT drops, even the secret or exclusive ones.

These include the likes of:

  • NFT Calendar (
  • NFT Evening
  • Crypto Potato
  • Next NFT Drop
  • NFT Solana (
  • Upcoming NFT
  • Early Minter
  • NFT Drops Calendar
  • NFT Insider
  • NFT Sniper

NFT Calendar

NFTCalendar is the first release and event calendar for the growing Non-Fungible Token industry. They cover the most interesting events and NFT drops across marketplaces and platforms.


NFT Evening

NFT Evening is dedicated to supporting mainstream NFT adoption by making content fun & accessible. Learn about NFT collectibles, NFT art, and the best blockchain games that even let you earn free crypto!

Whether you want to invest in NFTs, create NFTs or simply collect them, NFT Evening is the first stop for all the NFT news you need!


Crypto Potato

CryptoPotato was established at the beginning of 2016 by crypto early adopters. CryptoPotato has recently become one of the world’s leading information sources for crypto investors.

They insist on original high-quality content, and our site has set a goal to always look from the crypto investor’s point of view. We believe in Bitcoin, we believe in crypto, we believe in blockchain technology.

The platform covers crypto news, margin trading, guides and DeFi news along with access to scholarships and IEO lists.


Next NFT Drop

Explore the latest NFT launches and hottest NFT drops from an expansive NFT projects list. Next NFT Drop is the pioneering NFT platform that provides traders and collectors with relevant resources regarding upcoming launches, new Non-Fungible Token releases, and additional information regarding each project.

Simply filter through the NFT projects to find your preferred drop.


NFT Solana

NFT SOLANA Calendar keeps you updated with the most promising NFTs projects released on Solana. The platform also allows you to add the projects to your Google Calendar so you don’t miss a moment.

Track the live stats across socials, mint price (SOL), quantity available etc. of the upcoming Solana-based projects.


Upcoming NFT

The upcomingnft’s aim is to help creators and contribute to their growth in the crypto art sector. As a result, any developer can freely add his or her drop or event to the upcomingnft.

This website is dedicated to giving you information about generative art and collectibles. Get access to NFT launches; NFT Giveaways; NFT Events & NFT Auctions.


Early Minter

Join thousands of other NFT Project creators and list your NFT Project for FREE on EarlyMinter. They also offer a featured placement where your project will be placed prominently on all categories and our homepage.


NFT Drops Calendar

With over 150,000 organic monthly users, they keep an eye on everything happening in the industry and cover current news and events for our community to stay updated.


NFT Insider

NFT Insider aims to give you everything you need to navigate the NFT landscape in a fun, safe, and informed way – from the latest drops and in-depth interviews to community highlights, exclusive first-looks at the latest blockchain games and a whole lot more.

Through their articles, videos, podcasts and livestreams, if you want to know what’s happening across the NFT space, NFT Insider is the place to be.


NFT Sniper

On NFT Sniper you’ll find all info on upcoming NFT releases and projects that are released yet. Check the rarity of individual NFTs, check on which marketplaces they are listed, and find their latest prices.

Find The Latest NFT Drops Here



There’s definitely no shortage of platforms to subscribe to and browse if you’re looking for upcoming drops, hot projects, and information on your favorite projects.

But as always, DYOR when it comes to minting.