Web3 - The new silicon valley

Web3 – The New Silicon Valley

Lately, there has been a mini exodus of skilled professionals leaving Web2 giants like Google and Amazon to get involved in Web3 and Crypto startups – and that could be to the flurry of funding and interest in the space of late, or simply wanting to get in early.

Up until recently if you bagged a job in Silicon Valley working for the likes of Twitter, Meta, Uber, Google, and Co. you’d see it as striking gold.

And although for some budding tech workers that are still the case, a large number are jumping ship to cash in on the hottest place to be: Web3. This includes NFT projects, Exchanges, Crypto startups, DeFi, and other Web3-based businesses.

Executives and developers are looking to get in early and leave secure, high-paying jobs to possibly get in on the ground level for the next wave of web.

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Some notable moves to Web3 include:

  • CMO of Novi (Meta’s digital wallet project) took the same position at blockchain payments company Circle
  • Former GM of Amazon’s Edge Services is now the CTO of Gemini
  • Lyft’s former CFO and Uber’s former Director of Corporate Development have since joined leading marketplace Opensea.
  • Airbnb’s former SVP of Policy and Comms left for a crypto venture capital fund
  • YouTube’s former head of gaming left for Polygon Studios.

This is however just the beginning. With executives and business leads already taking the leap, the rest will follow. And this could either push Web2 giants into a downward spiral and go on a hiring spree, or it will force their hand to adapt and grow in Web3 as quickly as possible.

Just as there was a shift or drive for talent when Web2 started gaining momentum, the same is happening with Web3 and Crypto, and more than likely will continue to happen as new industries emerge.

This gives a sense of excitement and a challenge for developers, strategists, and executives to put their stamp on this new industry.

There are already a few recruitment agencies that are focusing on placing top talent at leading Web3 and blockchain startups. These include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Discord servers
  • Thirdweb

The list does go on and it is advisable that you DYOR before handing in that resignation at your cushiony job and head into a Web3 startup. Take your time to understand the roadmap, team, product/service, and where you fit into the mix.

A lot of projects are currently on the hunt for fixed-term contract candidates whereas others are looking to start building their team for the foreseeable future.

Some notable positions at these businesses include full-stack developers, blockchain and smart contract developers, UI/UX designers, marketing strategists, community managers, and content creators. No matter what your role is right now in Web2, chances are there’s a spot for you in Web3.