Referrals For Rewards

Earn rewards for helping NFT creators mint-out their projects

We’ve all spent countless hours hyping up NFT projects, participating in needless discord chats and entering competitions for whitelist spots, often to be left with nothing at all… until now.

Performaroo is a token-unlocked, multi-layer rewards community & influencer network that compensates you for each drop you promote.

Access to Real Referral Rewards

Enter a world of rewards and benefits with Performaroo

Tailored Utility for You

What's more, it's so easy.

Mint Your Access Token

Gain early access to Performaroo by minting your Founders Gold token to gain access.

Grab Your Unique Referral Link

Once you hold a Performaroo access token you will be able to generate your referral links.

Promote To Your Audiences

Now send your unique link to your audiences and earn rewards for each NFT they mint.

Get Your Exclusive Founders Gold Token

Founders Gold tokens are limited to only 500 and cost 0.1 ETH to mint. Secondary sales will be on Opensea.

Founders Gold token holders will earn the highest referral commissions and gain access to the most benefits and utility, out of all planned Performaroo NFT drops.

Roadmap 1.0

Founders Drop (Gold)

First 500 access tokens available for mint. Limited to max. 10 per wallet.

Private Discord

Launch community server for early-access holders. Founders Gold token holders will receive their roles, providing them with exclusive access to upcoming drops and project updates.

Onboard First Creators

Create referral campaigns for the first selected creators. Align their project launches so that Founders Gold token holders can earn rewards when their NFTs drop.

Referral Platform (BETA)

Private release of Performaroo referral platform beta with exclusive access to first referral campaigns, exclusively for Founders Gold token holders.

First Commission Payments

Conclude first payment run in ETH, sending payments to Founders Gold holders that earned referral commissions from our creator campaigns.

Referral Platform

Production release of Performaroo referral platform with enhanced features, accessibility and reporting for all Founders Gold holders.

Founders Drop (Silver)

Second 1500 access tokens available for mint. Limited to 5 max per wallet. First option for Founders Gold holders.

Treasury Launch

Smart contracts written with rules allowing Founders token holders voting rights on roadmap items, offers and partnerships decisions.

Roadmap 2.0


Frequently Asked Questions

What is referral marketing?

Referral marketing is a word-of-mouth promotional activity where you're incentivized to introduce your audience of family, friends, followers and contacts to complete a positive action. For Performaroo token holders, this means you can monetize your referrals by promoting NFT projects in exchange for rewards.

What is Performaroo?

Performaroo is a tokenized referral marketing network of micro-influencers and other publishers who promote NFT projects with the goal of increasing the number of NFTs minted. Token holder receive rewards for successful referrals.

How do I earn rewards?

You will receive a unique referral link for each of our partner projects, to send to your audience of family, friends, followers and contacts. Every mint through your referral link, will be recorded on your Performaroo account and the relevant rewards associated to it. All you need to do is hold a Performaroo Token in your wallet in order to access your referral links.

Why do I need a Performaroo Token?

As a holder, your token unlocks your Performaroo experience by granting you access to a trackable referral solution, where you will be able to get your unique referral codes and links. Holders will also be granted specific roles in our community and have the ability to define and decide our future.

Can I sell my Performaroo NFT?

Absolutely! You're welcome to sell your NFTs if you no longer want to be a part of our network or if you wish to change your utility (e.g. by downgrading your early access tokens)

What type of rewards can I earn?

You will earn crypto rewards for each NFT that is minted as a result of your promotional efforts. The value of these rewards is determined by the projects' creators and is usually a percentage of the mint price, e.g. if a project is offering a 10% referral reward and the mint price is 1 ETH then you'll earn 0.1 ETH for each mint that you influence.

How many NFTs are available?

The Founders Gold Token has a limited supply of 500 and each person can mint a maximum of 5 tokens (per wallet). Future drops will have larger supplies and cost more to mint.

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